Toronto Residents Set Expectations for the Elimination of Police Carding


TORONTO – In advance of tomorrow’s Toronto Police Services Board meeting, residents are hosting a press conference today to set expectations for the elimination of police carding. They will also ask why the issue of carding is nowhere to be found on tomorrow’s TPSB agenda.

“The absence of an agenda item on carding is mind-boggling,” says activist Desmond Cole, who will host today’s press conference. “Mayor John Tory said he would seek an end to carding at tomorrow’s meeting—where is his plan?” Residents will not tolerate more delays on this issue. The steps to eliminate carding are clear, and will be outlined at the gathering.

Date:               Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Time:               1:30 p.m. EST

Location:         Toronto City Hall, outside Committee Room #1

Participants include:

Desmond Cole, activist and freelance journalist; Akio Maroon, Occupational Health and Safety Worker; Knia Singh, founder of Osgoode Students Against Institutional Injustice; Howard Morton, Law Union of Ontario.


For more information and to arrange interviews, contact:

Desmond Cole, 647-222-5289,


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