Authors of United Nations report on cities gather in Toronto

Image courtesy of UN-HABITAT.

Image courtesy of UN-HABITAT.

SEPTEMBER 25, 2014

United Nations officials, academics, and economists are gathered in Toronto this week as they prepare a report on the health and state of the world’s cities. The 2015 Global Cities report, which will inform the United Nations Habitat III conference in 2016, will define a new urban agenda in the face of rapid global urbanization, and challenges in housing and sustainable urban development.

CLICK HERE for the most recent global cities report (2012-13)

Media are invited to a press conference on Friday September 26, 2014 at 11 a.m. at St James Centre, 65 Church Street in Toronto. Speakers will include:

Eduardo Moreno Lopez, Director of Research and Capacity Development at UN-HABITAT in Nairobi, Kenya

Reza Pourvaziri, President of the International City Leaders Foundation (host organization)

Adam Vaughan, Liberal Member of Parliament for Trinity-Spadina

The gathering of experts is focused on cities’ role in improving the quality of life of urban swelers and protecting their environments. “By focusing on urban leadership capacity, we hope to reinforce the city prosperity agenda for all cities,” said Pourvaziri in a welcome message to participants.

The speakers and other meeting participants, who are international experts in urban sustainability, global finance, and the environment, will be available to meet with the media following the brief press conference.

About the International City Leaders Foundation:

The ICLF provides a broad range of dynamic, integrated and evidence based programs for officials looking to maximize their impact as city leaders. ICLF hopes to provide a host of customized solutions that focus on taking action to improve cities, with contributions from former mayors, members of the media, the private sector and all levels of government.

Through the mobilization and strengthening of local capacities that plan, co-ordinate and manage sustainable local city development, city leaders can help promote economic development with smart growth strategies to connect infrastructure investments with overarching efforts in poverty reduction.

 For more information or to RSVP:

Contact Desmond Cole
647 294 2994


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