Where The Sidewalk Ends: An Ode to Mammoliti

Where the sidewalk ends…photo by Desmond Cole

Giorgio, Giorgio Mammoliti
treats the needy like they’re greedy,
whines that shelters are a freebie
in his suit on CityTV.

Mammoliti, Giorgio
says the homeless have to go
out of sight, or down below,
so we won’t fret what we don’t know

Mammoliti, (once named George)
unlike commander G. Laforge,
can see, but he ignores the Data
takes a challenge, makes it greater

Wants “enforcement” on our streets
unless you’re with the Sick Kids fleet,
in which case, you can buzz and bug
and beg for cash to buy some drugs

Mammoliti isn’t kidding
the sidewalk ends where you are sitting
If you is them; but them is us.
Call Giorgio, and make a fuss:

(416) 395-6401


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